About losing a home and saying goodbye.

This is a mini game, created in a one-day games workshop with singingstranger. (https://singingstranger.com/

Explore the tree and choose what you do. Almost none of your actions are mandatory and you can take from this game however much you like.

Thanks for playing.

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withBitsy
Tags8-Bit, birds, Bitsy, Cats, Singleplayer

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how do i get in locked door :(

i tried not giving the key i stepped over to the mouse and tried it on the locked door but i didn't work, still neat little game i enjoyed :)

yes i'm sorry, there's no way to get through the door, you did everything right!

oh ok thanks for informing me :)

Epic game but i cant go through the big king bird. I got all the coins exept for the thief room and i cant do anything

Thank u so much!!! There's actually nothing behind the big bird, it's a very short game because I made it in one day :D he tells u he will take care of it and all that's left to do is leave

oh oki

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what can i do with the hat?? Q-Q

(other than that, i still love it :D it's so cute!!!)

You could find out in one of the rooms, there's more dialogue to be unlocked with a funky hat :D Check the neighbor! Also thanks!!